Before, during and after the concerts, try our “Cool Pick&Go”, a space where it’s hard to choose from the variety of gastronomic concepts it offers.This is a space that stands out for its diversity and premium quality that compliments this summer’s most cool nights

Known by many as the Best Burger House. Hand-made like no other, each burger is unique and the homemade chips cut by hand. A delicious meal that you can now find at our festival.

It was sixty years ago that Atillo Santini first opened doors at Tamariz.
Back then little did he know the proportions this would take, being now considered the most known portuguese ice-cream shop, with the most delicious flavours

A nourished concept of creativity, joy and taste. A new entrepreneurial idea of Italian restaurant.
Raw food is gaining more and more fans over the years, taking part, once again, in people's daily diet routine.

Launched in 1927 and owned by Unicer, this Portuguese beer leads its market in Portugal and stands present a our festival with the summer’s most cool beverage.

Sr. Showriço’s Project “Prego no caco” is genuinely portuguese in its essence. Allying the traditional “bolo do caco” from Madeira Island – a soft and tasteful bread made out of sweet potato – with delicious coal grilled meat, giving you an unforgettable moment.

Casa Ermelinda Freitas, since 1920 producing reference wines with quality well renouned in Portugal.
For four generations it has produced wines that tell the history of its family, the perfect match for the EDPCOOLJAZZ 2017 nights.

Wrepe Van is the extension of The Cru, a unique concept in Portugal that is committed to using 100% biological, gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free foods. The Wreps are born from the fusion between crepe and wrap and promise to be true cone delights.

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Until Pedro Álvares Cabral arrived in Brazil in 1500, beiju, also known as tapioca, was the basis of Brazilian food, they called it Brazilian bread. The recipe was created by the Tupi Indians and has now gained the love of the Portuguese people for being so nutritious and simple to cook.

Nut 'was originally created with a range of products ranging from freshly made desserts, bakery / pastry specialties and ice creams, but quickly grew to the current concept because of the wide receptivity it had with the public, and which justified the creation of others through the country, currently eight, through the franchising model.

3Mosso is a brand with hight quality lupine. It is a cool and gourmet product, with several flavours for this summer, from the plainest to the garlic and oregani option, or even the spicy. This super versatile snack will be presente at EDPCOOLJAZZ to be enjoyed to the sound of the best of music.