July is the month of EDPCOOLJAZZ. The proposal that is now presented becomes irresistible and takes place in an area of excellence: the gardens of the House of Stories of Paula Rego, in the middle of the Museum Quarter, in the town of Cascais. Every Sunday in July, starting on day 1, the festival arrives with a program of Dj Sets of personalities linked to the Portuguese musical universe, in unexpected sessions such as the case of the writer Kalaf Epalanga, voices of the radio as Mónica Mendes, or the popularizer Pedro Tenreiro, and journalists like Vítor Belanciano and Davide Pinheiro.

1 JULY | Jardins Paula Rego | 7pm to 9pm | Free Admission

As a journalist, promoter, programmer or DJ, the days of Davide Pinheiro gravitate around the music. In the pages of the newspaper i and Mesa de Mistura, listen, share and think about the music that will eventually spend the night in festivals or clubs like Copenhagen (where he is also responsible for programming), Park and Musicbox. The lost hours of sleep are compensated in songs and sets that do not come to an end. They last for life. Mission assumed for the Lazy Sundays.

8 JULY | Jardins Paula Rego | 7pm to 9pm | Free Admission

Monica Mendes is fluent in Soul. Life began to slip through the streaks of Mother's black vinyls. The eardrum formed at the sound of the resonance of the fat bass and the round groove that ripples the body. Then she discovered the microphones. she joined one passion to the other and was born the M, always in search of new sounds, not forgetting the past and the road that came here to arrive. On the way she interviewed Amy Winehouse, Pharrell Wiliams, Michael Kiwanuka, John Legend, Alicia Keys and attended concerts by D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Kanye West and many others.

15 JULY | Jardins Paula Rego | 7pm to 9pm | Free Admission

Kalaf Epalanga - Musician / Writer. Author of the books Também os Brancos Sabem Dançar and the O Angolano Que Comprou Lisboa (Por Metade do Preço). Member of the band Buraka Som Sistema. He composed lyrics for Sara Tavares, Ana Moura and Cristina Branco. His chronicles appear in publications such as GQ Portugal, Jornal O Público and Rede Angola. He currently lives and works between Lisbon and Berlin.

22 JULY | Jardins Paula Rego | 7pm to 9 pm| Free Admission

The incorrigible collector of vinyl has been deeply devoted since the early 1990s to the study of the various expressions of black music, in what is for him his golden age - from the second half of the 50's to the beginning Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk, Disco and Boogie play an important role in their immense collection, currently reflected in the daily subscription to Antena 3: Soul Power.

29 JULY | Jardins Paula Rego | 7pm to pm | Free Admission

He was wrong in Law, he moved to Sociology, he graduated in Anthropology, he returned to Sociology, he likes the field, he grew up in the suburbs, he is in the center of the city, sometimes he is a social scientist, actor, DJ , journalist, music critic, chronicler, teacher, storyteller. It has been in the newspaper PÚBLICO for over ten years, but it is only there because it is elsewhere, and because culture is everything, it mixes subjects, it crosses languages, it is politics, economy, society, music, art, ideas, reflection, analysis and criticism of practices, is simply to translate complex realities, rather than to divide and assimilate. After all, he was not mistaken.