EDP ​​ensures edpcooljazz sustainability

Since it’s a sponsor of the festival, EDP has contributed to edpcooljazz environmentally sustainable, offsetting all the carbon footprint of the event, including travel of all the artists that participates in the festival.

Ensuring environmental sustainability is one of edpcooljazz commitments by EDP when it became naming sponsor of this distinctive musical event, held in Oeiras throughout the month of July.

EDP aims to account and neutralize the carbon impact by compensating the full footprint of the event which this year celebrates its 12th edition.

To support this decision-making emissions from the festival are inventoried. To develop this initiative, EDP Group has the professionalism of the e)mission, an international brand carbon management company that helps organizations and businesses to reduce their impact on climate.

E)mission identifies the data needed for this calculation, following the methodologies of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. A reasonable operational boundary for this study must include all major sources of emissions that should be taken into account to compensate and affirm the initiative of EDP as being carbon neutral.


Re-usable cups are a measure implemented at the festival since 2017, with the intent of drastically reducing cups at the event, and its plastic waste.

The cup has a symbolic value of 1€ and you can take it home after your concert and re-use it on every concert night.


This year the festival goes further with its ecologic measures and won’t have any type of straw at its bars. This measure contributes once again for a conscious usage of resources as reduces the dangerous wast of straws.