Pegada de Carbono

CO2 Compensation EDPCOOLJAZZ 2019

EDP established a contract with Terraprima - Sociedade Agrícola, Lda., in which EDP offered to finance a project that would allow an annual carbon sequestration, in order to highlight the feasibility of using natural sinks of agroforestry origin to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to reduce the national carbon footprint. This sequestered carbon allows to offset the festival’s greenhouse gas emissions.
The offsetting of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions was made by investing in a forest management project in Portugal.
Since the first EDP steps with the festival, the brand has contributed to make EDPCOOLJAZZ environmentally sustainable. Consequently, the group sponsors an entirely carbon-neutral festival. In the 2019 edition, EDP guaranteed the offset of 349 tons of CO2, which includes not only the operation of the festival, but also the artists' travel and accommodation.

Eco Copo


Glass purchased at the time of purchase of the first drink, in any bar of the festival grounds for the symbolic value of 1€, which the viewer can take home and reuse - thus reducing the number of plastic cups in the event and their waste.



The festival returns to take over as STRAW FREE, thus leaving no straws in the bars of the venue. This measure again contributes to the conscious use and profitability of the resources made available.

Zero Desperdício


The EDPCOOLJAZZ festival will maintain the policy of taking advantage of food surpluses in partnership with Zero Waste.
Since 2011, they have worked with a network against food waste and the impact has already exceeded expectations and achieved results both at the level of recovered and (re) distributed food, and in terms of environmental impact.